Southwest Specialty Food

The perfect marriage between Great Taste and Quality Ingredients

Planting & Cultivation
Great products require great peppers, and there’s nothing in the desert hotter than Pepper Acres. To control the quality and consistency of our habanero peppers we raise our own peppers on land adjacent to the plant.

The Arizona desert provides the perfect climate to grow the world’s hottest peppers, the Red Savina Habanero. In about 6 months, these little hotties will provide the common ingredient found in almost all the products in the Ass Kickin’ line.

After college, Jeff Jacobs, Owner of Southwest Specialty Foods, developed his first line of products. The SeƱor Jakes BBQ Sauces. But had little success marketing to the major food chains. With a little luck and a whole lot of heat, he discovered the specialty foods market and began creating what is currently over 200 specialty products now sold worldwide.

Product Development
Since 1986, Jeff Jacobs, owner of Southwest Specialty Foods, has been perfecting his line of products. With over 200 products, you know there’s a lot of time spent in the kitchen.

Each recipe begins with a custom spice mix. Then we select the peppers to give the product the right amount of heat. We continue to taste and adjust the recipe until it’s just right.

Over 200 products are manufactured at this facility–from sauces to seasonings to snacks! The wet line produces over 100 varieties of salsas, hot sauces, and cooking sauces. Each product has its own recipe and all contain their own special dose of those little guys growing outside.

The snack line produces some of the hottest things ever you will nibble on at the movies–all made fresh right here and packaged up fast for the trip to your front door. And no backyard barbecue would be complete without some serious heat from one of our special seasonings to help you spice up any old meal!

Southwest Specialty Foods is as well known for our innovative packaging as we are for our hot porducts. From the unique designs and slogans to our creative use of shapes and packaging, Ass Kickin’ products really jump off the shelf.